Original Script

by Tha Soloist VS Trilian

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Serbian born producer and engineer, Trilian joins forces with Tha Soloist in order to bring you a raw and rugged LP entitled, "Tha Soloist VS Trilian: Original Script".
The Boom Bap beat-maker sets the mood on the first cut, "Paidues" with a Wu-like soundscape and a speech that describes the album's loose concept:
A young emcee destined for greatness. The trials and tribulations of the game can make a grown man lose his cool. But the artist that truly loves the art will always
find a way to maneuver through the potholes of performing under pressure. The first bar, "Most won't say how they're feeling inside…" defines the meaning of O.S.
The golden age of Hip-Hop wasn't about NOT being yourself. It was all about being true to your craft. Being "Original" with your "Script". O.S. is dedicated to the
forefathers of that era. The era that embraced the Slick Rick's and Ol' Dirty Bastard's that weren't afraid to sprinkle humor into their rhymes. The era that embraced
Emcees like Rakim. The man that told you to "Know the Ledge" while still being lyrically ahead of his time, displaying skill and laser-like precision. The era when
the DJ played a major role. Speaking of DJ's, the next track (which is the title track) O.S. features UK Cold Cutter DJ TMB. A RedPhone Records artist that is quickly
becoming the go-to guy for emcees all over the world. The third song on the LP, which was the first single, "Style on the Loose" features Underground Legend
Chief Kamachi, Rated R and TMB providing the cuts once again. "Rhymes Like Bullets", a posse cut featuring, Absoulute Karnage, Pryme Prolifik and Femcee
Tre-L is a raw cut with another UK DJ, Madhandz. DJ Madhandz adds flavor to the track with his unique style of scratching. "Takin It Back" does just that, with a
sample used on classic Kool G Rap track, setting the mood for "Bangin' On Tables" featuring Venomous2000 and DJ Priority. Tha Soloist explains his story before
Ven viciously attacks the track. The Message 2013 is a no holds barred barrage of bars by Tha Soloist. Trilian's strings rise and fall as Soloist lets the naysayers
know the deal. "The Underground" featuring another Underground Legend, King Magnetic and C.RAE. The Serbian producer provides them with a hard-hitting
beat which lets TMB do his thing. "Fuk Rap" is an older track which was remastered for O.S. following the concept to a tee. No hook, no cuts…just pure rawness.
The next cut entitled, "Words" features Awkword. A dope Boom Bap beat with a familiar sample. The following track features Godilla and singer Carla Ayala
providing the hook. a "Bitter Symphony" indeed. Hardcore yet smooth. Trilian samples R&B like horns that play under the thick bass. "Box With God", another
song that was released earlier featuring DJ Madhandz, is an epic head knocker which is reminiscent of a beat on GZA's Beneath The Surface. "Pay Homage"
Remix (originally produced by UK's Mister Digital) is transformed into a piano stabbed composition, letting Tha Soloist express his love for the culture. The bonus
track, "Statistics" featuring Just-1 and Odoub of No Good People is a concept track. Explaining the downside of technology. A solid effort by two respected artists
from different two different parts of the world. Yet still connected through Hip-Hop. Original Script. Dedicated to the Old Skool and Underground heads that yearn
for the sound that made them fall in love with the Art.


released March 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Tha Soloist VS Trilian Serbia

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